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Obtained from plant fibres



Xylose is a precursor to the sugar alcohol Xylitol, as this is obtained from the Xylose. D-Xylose is a building block of Xylan, which in turn is part of the hemicelluloses of plant cell walls. Xylose (wood sugar) is obtained from plant fibres and then further processed into Xylitol. Plant materials containing Xylan are, birch wood, beech wood, straw, corn cobs and coconuts for example. In most cases, Xylose is obtained from the residues of corn cobs (corn spindles), after the corn kernels are removed.

The sweetness of the Xylose corresponds to about 67% of that of glucose (based on a 10% sugar solution). In the food industry, Xylose is used especially in bakery products and flavourings.

Animal food, soy sauce, seafood foods, beverages, dessert products, bakery goods, dental care (toothpaste/mouthwash), the cosmetics industry (for moisturising cosmetic products).