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Naturally acidic

Supplier of Natural L (+) Tartaric Acid

Natural L (+) Tartaric Acid is found in the branches, leaves and grapes of vines and is extracted from tartrate, which is created in wine production. For processing as additives in foodstuffs, the rule is that only the Natural L (+) Tartaric Acid and its salts may be used.

Natural L (+) Tartaric Acid is used in the processing industry as a food additive in bakery products and confectionery, in drinks and dairy products and in a number of technical applications.

Natural L (+) Tartaric Acid supports the effect of antioxidants and in the foodstuffs sector it regulates the speed of gelling of aspics and desserts. Additional applications are to be found with Acitum Tartaricum (Latin name), in, among other things, the colouring of metals, the silver plating of glass and electroplating technology.

ACT is your reliable trading partner and distributor of high-quality Natural Tartaric Acid. From the reliability of the entire production chain through to the supply of our ACT high-quality raw materials, with us you are in good hands. Natural L (+) Tartaric Acid is especially suitable for the processing and production of end products in the foodstuffs industry and for technical applications.

Natural L (+) Tartaric Acid is extracted from tartrate after conversion into calcium tartrate.

Available in powder form

Shelf life
4 years


  • 25 kg polyethylene paper bags compatible with foodstuffs.
  • 20 kg or 50 kg fibre drums with an internal polyethylene bag.
  • 400-500-1000-1250 kg polypropylene Big Bags with an internal polyethylene bag