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To extend the shelf life of food

Your reliable trading partner and supplier of food and cosmetics raw materials

Acidifiers and preservatives are used in both natural as well as synthetic form as antioxidants in cosmetics and food.

ACT supplies synthetic acidifiers and preservatives in consistent and certified quality for your food and cosmetic products – from hand or facial cream to jams and fruit juices to meat and fish products.

How do acidifiers and preservatives work?

Acidifiers are mainly used to adjust exactly the acidity or acid content in food – also referred to as the pH-value. Adding an acid regulator enhances the stability and shelf life of food and improves the effect of preservatives. Preservatives in turn prevent food from going off due to bacteria, yeasts and mould.

Your reliable distributor of acidifiers and preservatives

ACT is your reliable trading partner and distributor of high quality acidifiers and preservatives. Especially if quality raw materials and the reliability of the entire production chain to the point of delivery are fundamentally important to you. To preserve and regulate the acidity of your food and cosmetic products, we provide the following additives:


Where and in which industries are acidifiers and preservatives used?

Acidifiers and preservatives are often used in the food and cosmetic industries.

With fruit, for example, they ensure the surfaces of cut fruit will not turn brown. In sausage and meat products, Acidifiers and preservatives are used to maintain the red colour of the meat, which gives it a fresh appearance. In fruit and vegetable juices, the additives ensure the colour is stabilised and the flavour improved. In baked goods, they do not only act as preservatives but also as a leavening agent and to improve their structure and volume.

In the cosmetic industry there are also numerous applications for acidifiers and preservatives, such as preserving creams or improving the attributes of oils and fats.