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Reinforcing effects due to additives

As a distributor and supplier, ACT supplies flavours and essences, sweeteners, vitamins and derivatives, as well as acid regulators and preservatives for technical applications.

For better quality and more consumer-friendly products in the field of technical application, the processing industry often resorts to the appropriate additives.

ACT supplies additives for technical applications in consistent certified quality in accordance with REACH ordinances and the DIN guidelines for products from detergent to bath product additives to toothpaste.

What is the purpose of additives for technical applications?

As fragrances or flavours for detergents or toothpaste – usage is varied. Many end products are familiar to us as consumers in advertising, such as products that ensure clean glasses and calcium-free crockery. The additives needed for this are added and processed during the appropriate technical procedures. The same applies to plasters, skin and body care products as well as bath products.

In addition to the above mentioned sectors, even the oil industry benefits from our additives, such as in the stabilizing of drill pipes.

Your reliable distributor for additives used in technical processes

ACT is your reliable distributor and trading partner in additives used in technical processes. We stand for consistent, certified quality and guarantee a reliable supply chain from the point of origin to final processing by our customers. Find out more about the product groups that are used in technical applications and that we supply:


What types of additives are processed in technical applications?

Acid regulators and preservatives such as citric or malic acid, are used for the production of detergents and dishwasher tabs, in order to achieve the required cleansing effect on the one hand and the anti-limescale effect on the other. Menthol and peppermint oils come under the category of flavours and essences and are added to tobacco and cosmetic products. Sweeteners are used in turn in the electroplating industry. Even vitamins, such as vitamin C, are used in technical applications, e.g. as a colour stabiliser in cosmetics. As the declaration and registration has to be made, this is regulated within the EU through REACH certification; the ECHA as an EU agency provides further details.