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Plant extracts and plant substances

Your reliable trading partner and supplier of high quality natural raw materials

Plant extracts are the secondary plant ingredients that are obtained by extraction. Around 100,000 different secondary plant substances are known today.

ACT supplies plant extracts and plant raw materials in consistent and certified quality for your food, nutritional supplement, sports and cosmetic products – such as natural caffeine or guar meal.

What functions do plant raw materials and extracts have and what is the difference between them?

Plant extracts have an influence on the various metabolic processes in the human body and in animals. Carotenoids, for example, promote good health in the case of age-related eye disorders.

Extracts are substances taken from plants, whereas plant products are normally subject to mechanical treatment.
It often takes only one or more processing steps from the original plant to the raw material, with carob powder, for example.

Your reliable distributor of plant raw materials

ACT is your reliable trading partner and distributor of high quality plant raw materials. Especially if quality raw materials and the reliability of the entire production chain to the point of delivery are fundamentally important to you. To optimise your products we provide the following plant raw materials and plant extracts:


Where and in which industries are plant extracts and plant raw materials used?

The use of plant extracts, such as from monk fruit or green tea as well as plant raw materials such as guar flour or rice protein, is very different in various industries. Plant extracts are used in a variety of foods and various dietary supplements and cosmetic products.