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Atlantic Chemicals Trading GmbH
Hermannstraße 46
20095 Hamburg
Tel.: +49 (0)40 33 44 19-0
Mail: germany(at)act.de
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From hanseatic trader to global player

ACT – your trading partner for quality raw materials

Hamburg, Boston, Shanghai, St. Petersburg – no matter which of our 13 locations you’re looking for worldwide, you’ll find a reliable trading partner for your quality raw materials: ACT is your first choice!

From ascorbic acid to saccharine to xanthan gum, we market high quality additives for the production of food and animal feed as well as for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

Since 1985, when Ramin Ghaffari founded the company, ACT has been an independent and owner-managed company not only for consistent and certified quality at the highest level but also for fast and on-time delivery and therefore reliability that you would certainly expect from a Hanseatic trading partner.

Our corporate culture
We respond very quickly and flexibly to the changing needs of our customers and the shifting needs of global markets – while still thinking in the long term. In addition to our flexibility and far-sightedness, our corporate culture also includes dealing with each other respectfully. For us, this includes a pronounced and positive team spirit among our staff, as well as the relationship with our customers and suppliers. With all the people involved, we always strive for long-term collaboration in a spirit of partnership at the same time, which is characterised by trust and appreciation. As such, we honestly and gladly accept responsibility for our orders and actions.

Quality, reliability and good advice
In general terms, service and quality are so important to us that they are firmly established in our corporate culture and are a part of who we are. We are highly dedicated and committed to offer you high quality products and services.

So if you need calorie-free sweeteners or valuable plant extracts for production of your food, for example, want to enrich your cosmetic product with menthol or process vitamins and amino acids for a new sports nutrition product – ACT has it, we will deliver it and vouch for the quality and reliability of the entire supply chain. If you are ever somewhat uncertain about which additive will best fit your product, where to order it and how it will find its way to you: Our 60 staff members will make every effort to use their expertise and the help of our international network to find the best solution for you. We promise that!