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The only natural blue colouring

Supplier of Natural Spirulina Blue

Natural products such as Spirulina Blue as natural colourings are in line with the growing wish of end consumers for “Free from” foodstuffs. The blue colour is obtained by cold water extraction from the Phycocianin bacterium and has varied applications in the foodstuffs industry.

Spirulina Blue is used in the processing industry in yoghurt, ice cream, frozen desserts, confectionery and instant drinks and instant powder.

For a long time incorrectly called blue-green algae, Cyanobacteria actually belong to the bacteria family, which was the first to master the process of photosynthesis. Numerous current studies also deal with the characteristics and possible applications of Spirulina Sp. and the positive effects of “microalgae” in the binding of atmospheric CO2.

ACT is your reliable trading partner and distributor of high-quality Spirulina Blue. From the reliability of the entire production chain through to the supply of our ACT high-quality raw materials, with us you are in good hands. Spirulina Blue is especially suitable for the processing and production of end products in the foodstuffs industry.

Spirulina Blue is obtained by water extraction from the Spirulina Sp. alga


  • Poor heat stability in baking and pasteurising
  • Poor light stability
  • pH stable over a range of 3-7

Available as a powder and in liquid form

Shelf life
2 years


  • 25 kg cartons with plastic lining
  • 25 kg canisters