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Accelerates fat loss – helps build muscle

Supplier of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid)

CLA – also called conjugated linoleic acid – is an essential fatty acid that belongs to the group of omega-6 fatty acids. Amongst other things, it is contained in vegetable oils, is extracted from thistles and offered as an oil or powder. CLA is commercially available as a food supplement that contributes to the breakdown of body fat and strengthening of the muscles.

CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is used in the processing industry as a food supplement in the food industry.

Conjugated linoleic acid can strengthen the immune system and lead to an improvement in body composition. Other areas of application include the treatment of asthma and certain cancer tumours, which it is intended to help reduce. It is also worth mentioning that an overdose does not lead to any known adverse health effects.

ACT is your reliable trading partner and distributor of high-quality CLA, also known as conjugated linoleic acid. As an essential fatty acid, it is especially suitable for the processing and production of end products in the food industry.

We at ACT supply only the best raw materials in certified quality. Here we guarantee you that every step in the production process is carried out with care. At ACT you can be sure that the entire production chain through to despatch is of the highest quality.

Extracted from thistles

Heat resistant, melting temperature is 380°C

TG 60% Powder WPD, TG 60% Powder CWD

Shelf life
24 months

20 kg paper boxes with a polyamide inner bag