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Potassium Sorbate (PSG) – a (almost) neutral preservative

Supplier for Potassium Sorbate (PSG)/E 202

Potassium Sorbate (PSG) / E 202 is the potassium salt of sorbic acid, and is known for its preserving properties against yeasts and molds. It inhibits their growth, thereby enhancing the shelf life of cosmetics, food, and pharmaceuticals. It’s most effective in acidic products with a pH < 5.5, such as juices, jams, fermented foods, and baked goods. It's worth mentioning that the approval for using Potassium Sorbate (PSG) comes with certain restrictions and regulations regarding permissible maximum levels. Thus, its application is excluded or limited, especially in fresh, unprocessed foods like fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish.
Potassium Sorbate (PSG) / (E 202) is used in the processing industries for food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals, including:

  • Food: 
    • Dates and olives, 
    • Bakery products,
    • Iced tea, fruit spritzers, and syrup
    • Spreads, margarine, and jam, 
    • Ketchup, mayonnaise, and remoulade
    • Soy sauce
    • Ice cream
    • Wine, and more.
  • Cosmetics: 
    • Skin and hair care products
  • Pharmaceutical industry: 
    • Medicines

Potassium Sorbate (PSG) / E 202 is considered safe for human consumption. Due to its relatively taste-, odor-, and color-neutral properties, it is used in various applications. For example, it stops fermentation during wine production, preserving the characteristic wine taste. In the cosmetic industry, Potassium Sorbate (PSG) is used to extend the shelf life of skincare and haircare products and prevent mold. Furthermore, its preservative properties prevent premature spoiling of food products stored at room temperature.

ACT is your reliable trading partner and distributor for high-quality Potassium Sorbate (PSG), also known as E 202. The salt of sorbic acid is particularly suitable for the production and processing of end products in the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries.
At ACT, we supply only the finest raw materials with certified quality. We guarantee that every step in the manufacturing process is carried out with care. With ACT, you can be assured that the entire production chain up to delivery is of the highest quality.


  • Mainly produced synthetically
  • Obtained from the reaction of sorbic acid with potassium hydroxide or potassium carbonate


  • granules
  • powder
  • beads

Shelf life
24 months


  • 25kg bags
  • 500kg Big Bags
  • 20kg boxes
  • 25kg boxes