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Atlantic Chemicals Trading GmbH
Hermannstraße 46
20095 Hamburg
Tel.: +49 (0)40 33 44 19-0
Mail: germany(at)
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ACT Mission Statement

Our Company
We are an independent, owner-run company. Our actions are geared towards further securing and strengthening the long-term independence of the company.

This enables us to make independent decisions without short-term shareholder value thinking.

This independence allows us to react quickly and with flexibility at all times and we believe gives us a decisive competitive edge in the fast pace markets in which we operate.

We consistently plan for the further development of our company on a long-term basis and focus on having a balanced customer base and product portfolio. We strive to grow our product range and further improve our service levels to customers whilst maintaining our flexibility in meeting the changing needs of the market.

Employees, Management Culture
The success of the company was made possible by our qualified and dedicated employees.

Fundamental values such as trust, appreciation and treating each other with respect are the basis of how we work together. This is why we count on employees who identify with ACT and accordingly create the motivation to work with us and each other over many years. Our aim is to create favourable working conditions, to pay attention to the work-life balance of our employees and to create opportunities to promote health and winning team spirit.

We ensure a pleasant working atmosphere and our managers expect and encourage a high degree of personal responsibility and the individual abilities of our employees. We achieve our goals together.

We value short decision paths in our cooperation. A positive interpersonal atmosphere is just as valuable to us as entrepreneurial thinking and action at all levels. In the process, we offer responsible assignments and the appropriate scope for taking action.

Cooperation with customers and suppliers
Just as for our internal cooperation, we rely on an equal and long-term relationship in our dealings with our business partners built on reliability and trust.

We have a high level of expertise regarding our products and the supply markets. We advise our customers competently and transparently and offer a fast and high-quality service. We react quickly and flexibly to changing customer and market requirements and our business partners can always depend on our reliability.