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L-(+)- Tartaric Acid, natural

Naturally sour



Natural Tartaric Acid is an organic acid that occurs in many plants. Grapes do have a high proportion of Tartaric Acid. Because of that Tartaric Acid is industrially produced in the production of wine as a by-product.

Today, Tartaric Acid is used equally in the food industry and technical areas. Natural Tartaric Acid, which is also declared as E 334 in the food sector, is particularly common in soft drinks, wine gums, ice-cream and for example for the stabilization of creams, because of its preservative properties and fruity taste. In addition, natural Tartaric Acid is also approved for used in organic foods.

Technically, Tartaric Acid is used in large quantities, for example in the production of cement in order to extend the processing time here or in the metal industry for surface treatment.

soft drinks, wine gums and ice cream, as well as for example to stabilize creams. In the technical field, Tartaric Acid is used in the cement and metalworking industries.