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Plants store their excess energy in the form of mono-, di- and polysaccharides. Inulin belongs to the last group of so-called polysaccharides. Plants such as chicory, Jerusalem artichoke, artichoke, dandelion and agave are particularly rich in inulin.

In the food industry, inulin itself, e.g. together with psyllium husk, is used as a soluble dietary fibre with prebiotic properties. This means that the consumption of foods containing inulin has a positive effect on intestinal activity and is also said to benefit intestinal flora.

While inulin was still a niche product years ago, it is now very much in vogue and can be found in more and more foods. The main reason for this is increased awareness among consumers and the food industry, which optimises the nutritional composition by adding inulin (Nutri-Score®) or uses its technical properties in the production of fat-reduced foods.

We have recently been able to offer our customers inulin from agave. Both conventional and organic qualities are possible. We are working on further inulin varieties from other plants.

high-fibre foods, such as baked goods and muesli mixtures, low-fat and low-calorie products, such as dressings, yoghurts, spreads, sausages or fruit juices. Inulin is frequently used in pet food and is also used in cosmetic products as a vegetable humectant.