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Natural immune boosters



Natural immune boosters are currently in fashion. This includes the natural Vitamin C derived from the acerola cherry. The fruits of the acerola plant belong to the TOP 3 Vitamin C sources in nature. The main cultivation region is Brazil, where the sensitive fruits are harvested several times a year and processed immediately. Acerola powder can be produced by spray or freeze drying. In addition to natural Vitamin C, the Acerola fruits also contain Provitamin A, Vitamins B1 and B2. The human body needs these two B Vitamins for energy metabolism.

The standard quality ACT is offering has a content of min. 17% natural Vitamin C. They are working on further qualities, both from conventional and organic cultivation.

In various food supplements as a natural source of Vitamin C, in muesli bars, fruit juices, ice cream, yogurt, jam or to enhance natural flavours.