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ACT achieves climate neutrality

The future begins today

ACT has been officially operating as a climate-neutral company since October 2020. With this special label we are implementing one of the company’s top goals for the current financial year. Within our sector ACT is hereby also joining the still-small group of companies that may bear the designation climate neutral.

As one of the world’s leading trading partners and distributors of high-quality raw materials we are always conscious of our special responsibility to our employees and all our business partners. From this perspective, conscientiously dealing with the resources of our world is also of great importance to us.

Certification as a climate-neutral company is therefore an important milestone for us. We offset the CO2 emissions created by our business activities in Hamburg and those of all the logistics chains.

For the technical advice we secured the support of ClimatePartner, an internationally recognised and certified provider of solutions for climate protection. After determining our CO2 emissions and therefore our contribution to climate-neutral operation, we chose to finance an internationally acknowledged climate protection project. The project leads to reduce greenhouse gases and thereby makes an important contribution to combating global warming as well as neutralising CO2emissions. In addition, it leads in the near future to an improvement in local living conditions and in the medium term the project contributes to economic and social growth.

Wind energy for Tuppadahalli in India

Projekt no. 1258: Download projekt description / ClimatePartner Website

The energy supply in India, for one thing, fluctuates wildly and for another thing relies to a great extent on fossil fuels. In addition to private households and businesses, this also affects hospitals, fire brigades and other services that are important for public safety and order.

Clean power generation through wind turbines. This is just one of the many benefits of the project in the southern Indian state of Karnataka. Several small wind farms in the districts of Shimoga and Chitradurga generate clean electricity with a total of 34 turbines and a total capacity of 56 MW, which is fed into the Indian grid. The low-emission technology thus contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases. At the same time, the project secures the energy supply in regions that previously had no constant access to electricity.

With this project ACT is helping to reduce CO2 emissions, improve the air quality, prevent harm to health and create jobs.

We at ACT are grateful and pleased to be allowed to participate in these projects and to operate long-term in a climate-neutral manner!