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Conjugated Linoleic Acid


CLA is a highly natural product with great potential of usage in many areas such as sports nutrition, dietary supplements, functional foods and instant premix formulas.

CLA is a derivate of the essential fatty acid Linoleic Acid. It is produced from 100% pure, natural safflower seed oil, which has the highest concentration of linoleic acid.

Your Benefits

  • Reliable and qualified supplier
  • Microencapsulated Conjugated Linoleic Acid Triglycerides (CLA-TG) Powder
  • O dourless and pleasant-tasting due to innovative technology
  • Improved bioactivity
  • Microencapsulation prevents oils from oxidation

Derivat from 100% pure, natural safflower seed oil

Shelf life
2 years

Different qualities

  • 40%/60% powder
  • 80%/95% oil – The oil is mainly used by softgel capsules manufacturers

Packaging Powder

  • 10 kg net seal-heated aluminimum foil bags under nitrogen, two bags packed in corrugated paper carton
  • 20 kg net seal-heated aluminium foil bags under nitrogen, one bag packed in corrugated paper carton Packaging Oil
  • 190kg net HDPE drum under nitrogen

Nutrition/protein bars, fortified beverages, meal replacement powder, hard and softgel capsules

Green tea extracts, Carnitine